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Below are some projects that I have worked on


KANGEL Website

The Kangel.net website was designed and built for Kangel, a Discord bot developed by the Magic Smoke Community.

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Flask-based ShareX Server

Serve image files from ShareX using Flask


Submitted to TitanHacks in 2020, Reposi is a little github plugin made to dynamically load your github repos to showcase on your own website. I did the web design, and worked on aspects of the backend systems. With Reposi, we take your GitHub profile and display it beautifully within an iframe. It allows coders to quickly integrate their websites with their repositories with a simple plugin and script.

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Project Pigeon

Project Pigeon is a standalone node or drone with an installed probe that allows the user to collect atmospheric information.

HYPR / Zaintech.net Website

My personal portfolio website showcasing all projects that I've worked on

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Dulles Robotics Website

Frontend and Backend of an older iteration of the website